Business Continuity Approach

We constantly plan to avoid failure in whatever form or shape it presents itself!

A decade ago, the prospect of the current global challenges seemed almost unimaginable. The year 2020 brought forth the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving an enduring impact on our lives. Economic and geopolitical instabilities have and will continue to impact everyone.

As a company accustomed to a combination of traditional office work and hybrid, we had to swiftly adapt to remote working, ensuring uninterrupted progress and timely project delivery for all our clients.

However, as a conscientious and adept company, we have implemented certain measures to enhance the safety and dependability of our teams and collaboration capabilities, thus ensuring a secure experience and continuous operations from our perspective and that of our clients.


Business Continuity Plan is constantly assessed and is embedded in every aspect of our operations.  Regular testing, simulating and refining of our BCM capabilities protects us and our clients.


100% of our employees have the technology capabilities and protocols to work remotely or at their home-base office sites.


All our sites have access to alternative backup sites in case of an emergency. All our work is kept on cloud solutions in diverse locations.


No one of the team is a single point of dependency, supported by replicated repositories of code, collaboration tools and backup coverage.


We have taken action to continuously enhance our cybersecurity measures to make remote development safe and secure for us and our clients.