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Channel Partner Program

Channel Partnership Ecosystem is our approach to sustainability


A curated sustainable ecosystem

If you’re searching for an experienced and proactive software development partner to help you solve your client’s most complex technology and hiring challenges, then look no further.

We often work closely with channel partners who have complementary services, where we become part of their client delivery team either as a “white-label” discrete model or fully visible partnership approach.

Many businesses worldwide depend on software outsourcing firms to access expert software engineers with diverse technical skills as they adopt micro-services and cloud computing perhaps when moving away from their legacy monoliths or developing new business applications. Software engineers will continue to be in demand worldwide, whether they are in-house or outsourced in a fixed or on-demand model.

If you’re considering outsourcing or augmenting your software development division or part of your client bid, we would be delighted to work with you to reach success in your commercial endeavours.

There are different flavours to consider; on-shore, near-shore or off-shore, they are all based on the same principle of outsourcing but the distance between your operations or your clients’ and our talent location is the main difference.

Then there is the model of outsourcing; project based (fixed or variable) contracts are a model that focuses on a specific deliverable which may have a defined start and end targets whether that is a date or deliverable points. Then there is team augmentation and remote teams, where the main difference is one is an extension of an existing team whilst the other is cross-functional and/or cross-departmental resource deployment.

Whichever model or mode that is required, we demonstrate simplification of operations (removing the responsibility of training, career path, salary increments, reduce inflationary volatility and sustainable availability).

Above all we deliver a clear return-on-investment with the selected outsourcing partner.


We recognise the importance of partnerships.  Our services are often enhanced, extend and complemented with the capabilities of our partners. We work with each partner to deliver genuine added value to their customers.  Our relationship with partners is symbiotic, it works both ways.  Working with us, we assist you in enhancing your bid to your clients.


We offer our partners technology capabilities that complement theirs, enhanced profit margins and commissions.  Our team works closely with your team under your banner to develop business opportunities and deliver on technology mandates.

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We know we can complement your services, so get in touch and let us explore how we can put together a win-win sustainable partnership