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CSR Mission

Enact positive change all around us


We take CSR seriously and blend it in everything we do

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not just for large companies, we love CSR and its part of our culture and not just as an add-on.  Coupled with our ESG mission, complete our aspirations to be good corporate citizens.

We want to make a positive influence to our work environment, our regions that we operate in and collectively on the world.

Profits are important, it keeps us in business after all, however we also like to feed our soul as part of our collective existence by pursuing pro-social objectives that make a difference to the community around us.

We might be a small company in relative terms, but our contribution and impact in the areas we operate are felt and have made a difference, and all staff have 5 days a year to invest their time in their community projects which we actively encourage.

We partner with regional high-tech companies, startups, NGOs on various people-centric technology initiatives.

We do not like to boast about our CSR activities, but if you ask us, we’ll tell you all about it.

If you share our vision, we'd love to work together and help you on your next development journey.

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