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ESG Mission

Driving positive change by putting the environmental, social and governance agenda at the heart of all we do


ESG is not a bolt-on, it's part of our company culture

We dont just dishout ESG (Environment Social and Governance) statements, we embrace ESG and itโ€™s core to every decision or investment we make, whether it is in our technology, offices or our people and we measure it.

Investing in our Planet does not have to mean just planing trees, its the whole eco-system of people and planet and we are great believers in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDG). Oh and we still plant trees as trees are beautiful, See our growing tree contribution.

Just by the nature of our core business model, we invest in diverse country talents and mix it up to transfer and cultivate knowledge which results in a cultivated cultural mix that is diverse, multi-lingual and globally aware.

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