It can’t be all work and no play!

Life is about balance; balance at work and balance at home and balance in between.

It is not always easy to find that balance whether it’s in our company, our talented teams or our cool clients. We sure try to inject a bit of fun in everything we do to make all our existence more nourishing, fulfilling and engaging 🙂

What we do for some corporate fun

Defining team building strategies to empower software development crews is not easy but it is important. It has to come naturally and not contrived specially against a backdrop of high pressure and workloads.

Sometimes it just starts with having a bit of fun, getting everyone together to let their hair down, chat and engage, then built it out from there.
Here Are Some Ideas to Entice Even the Sceptics.

1 – Board Games In or Out of the Office

Nothing beats having to share a bite and a game with co-workers while getting a chance to deliberate on who is the culprit that took out the SCRUM master during the intermission.

2 – Play Online Games Together

Playing computer games together may help the team relax. Playing team vs team games can help restructure dynamics within a team while offering an opportunity for team members to better understand each other in new situations were fun meets stress and adrenaline. Don’t forget to keep a leader board for a bit of retrospective.

3 – Create a Zoom Video Quiz

Get everyone together for a remote quiz, you might even get a pizza delivery sorted for all. Lots of people did this during Covid, so why not continue as part of your hybrid working strategy!

4 – Go for a Sports Session Together

Another great way to encourage team members to have informal conversation or to build stronger bonds is to schedule regular group jogs, runs or even tennis. Find out the most common sports activity across your staff and build something that everyone would engage with and enjoy. Some will join and some will spectate.

5 – Arrange a Retreat

It might be costly, but so worth it. Great way to make connections and sometimes discover new places in your own country that most of your team do not even know about.

6 – Group Volunteering

Great way for the team to give back to the community whilst working together to help someone else’s initiative.

7 – Escape Room Adventure

A great interactive way that will test everyone’s problem solving abilities outside the world of software development whilst pitting teams against the clock and each other.

8 – Movie Night

Get everyone together to go to mid week movie night, a bit of fun, popcorn and time together to critic the movie.

9 – Guest Speakers

Invite guest speakers to the office, get some great Q&A going, might trigger some ideas or interests outside the work sphere.

10 – R&D Concepts

Let the team come up with R&D ideas, let them float it around the office, vote on the most popular, get every to run some hackathons, and may be the idea becomes a reality.