Benefits of SaaS

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What is SaaS?
SaaS stands for Software as a Service, is a combination of the provision of technology and methodology to access an application from anywhere and at any time. It’s a method of software/solution delivery hosted on remote infrastructure known as the cloud. Effectively SaaS provides solutions on demand. One of the key benefits of SaaS to our customers is the separation of the solution being delivered from the technology used to deliver it.

In many cases, SaaS services or solutions are accessed by the user’s browser as the primary visual window into the application, but there are other methods, specifically machine to machine methods of communications utilising industry standard methods to enable integration.

Internet email such as Gmail and Hotmail are an early example of SaaS solutions, and now there are many business applications which are delivered through SaaS.

The benefits of SaaS?

There are many benefits the SaaS approach delivers, and here are some of them:

We deliver the software as a service.
The service is accessible from anywhere, anytime and practically from any browser enabled device, which means it’s easier to get a high adoption level by users in a short period of time.
You can scale up or down your users or features based on your dynamically changing business needs.
You focus on your core business and leave the headache of running the infrastructure that powers the service to us.
This model means you no longer have to worry about the costs associated with running the enterprise solution being delivered to your users.
It costs significantly less than building your own infrastructure to run the solution, no upfront capital expenditure and not maintenance and human resources to manage and maintain the solution.
It also means that all the hardware relating to our enterprise solution including systems redundancy, load balancing, disaster recovery, backups, archiving, upgrades and processing power needed is no longer an activity that you will have to be responsible for.
Time to market or time to get started on using the solution is instantaneous, so no opportunities are lost and time to market is unparalleled when compared to other solutions or traditional local software installation models. This translates to the solution being delivered in hours and not months.
You will see a better return on investment using SaaS solutions and in a shorter period of time.
A well designed multi-solution offering similar to ours, benefits from quick and seamless real-time collaboration between and among your users, and in our case between the applications representing the natural flow of business data between functions.
All good SaaS solution providers, provide a clear and concise service level agreement, to provide the necessary comfort to our customers to entrust us with their data and the solution provided.
How secure is it?

We secure your data as if it was ours. We use the same solutions that we market to you, therefore we are serious about data security as it affects us as much as you. Security, technical or physical, is of paramount importance and thus it is a subject that is discussed and reviewed at board level. Visit our security features page for more details on how far we go to secure data. Customer user access control in enterprise level solutions, one of the elements of security we offer, is the responsibility of our clients and we provide a high degree of access control granularity and reporting tools to manage and monitor your user access.

Traditionally cloud and SaaS solutions use multi-tenanted

The Data

You own the data, at all times. We just use it in the context of the solution you use. You control who within your organisation can see it, use it or change it. You can extract it or completely export it at any time. We do not use it for any purpose other than within the solution you have chosen, we do not share it with anyone except in extreme circumstances when government authorities legally demand to review it under very specific circumstances. It is your data and it is private to you and we take our privacy policy extremely seriously.

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