Benefits of Outsourcing Custom Software Development

Outsourcing your custom software development needs means you don’t have to worry about the hiring process, the expenses associated with it, benefit from geo-salary-economics, access to great talent and you can focus on what matters most – running your business.  Outsourcing is an effective way to reduce costs while increasing quality and agility.

Why Your Business Needs Custom Software

The Rationale

Every business has unique needs, and custom software can help address them. With custom software development, you design software solutions to tackle the specific needs of a business. Although the initial cost may put some companies off, custom software provides efficiency, adjustability and alignment with the core business proposition and will prove to be beneficial in the long run.  Let’s look at some reasons why your business needs customized software solutions.

Tailor-Made Solution

Custom software development aims to address your business’s exact needs, enabling it to meet its demands effortlessly. The outsourced software developers build specific features to allow the user to identify and solve problems effortlessly or deliver a solution that is totally aligned with the business’s products and services.

Going for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions only address the general industry needs and often decision makers do not factor in the cost of upgrades and maintenance agreements. Getting a tailored solution also demonstrates internally and externally to clients that your company is serious about developing your product or service portfolio and unwilling to compromise on features or capabilities.


Access great talent and you can focus on what matters most – running your business.


Easy Integration with Industry-Specific Software

When creating a custom solution, the outsourced software developers considers other software already used at the business. This means that integration will be smooth and enriched, COTS software only addresses partner integrations that suit them commercially and not necessarily invest in open-integration methods to ease a wider landscape of integration.  Furthermore COTS software owners are incentivised by locking in customers.

On the contrary, off-the-shelf solutions usually encounter errors during integration with other company software. The errors may hinder the general productivity of employees at the company. Resolving these issues may not be covered by maintenance agreements.  You may also be unable to optimize your business operations for your digital transformation aspirations.


Every business aims to grow, which means their needs also grow. In the startup phase, off-the-shelf solutions can serve the company well as it seeks stability. However, off-the-shelf solutions may fail to support the business growth strategy. You may also have a challenge as they become too expensive to license.

The best way to solve this problem is to build custom software for your business. It needn’t take longer to deliver, and the initial cost may not be as high as thought especially if off-short outsourced development team is considered from Smartlogiq.  Custom software development will enhance cost efficiencies and time-to-delivery as the company scales up. Because tailored solutions enable you to perform at the optimum level contributing directly to the business’s profitability.

Be Free from Lock-ins

COTS software has a place in your enterprise, where it fits exacting requirements that do not demand your business process to be changes to fit its workflows.  However of the biggest drawbacks of using off-the-shelf software is relying on the software author for change requests, if at all possible, and generally change requests are expensive and result in a non-standard implementation which will contribute to higher maintenance contracts.

COTS vendors set the price, decide when an update is necessary, terms and conditions, and the features to include. You will use that outdated version if they don’t update the software or stop operations due to bankruptcy or other problems which may mean migrating to another platform which is a whole cost dynamics that is often omitted when considering COTS vs Outsourced Software Development.

Custom software development by outsourcing will give you the freedom you need since you won’t depend on a vendor or a specific developer.

The Bottom-line

Contacting an outsourcing software development services company to build custom solutions for your business is the best decision you can make. Their costs are built of many services that are costs that you would otherwise take one with other approaches which include but not limited to systems analysis, project management, hiring and retaining resources and/or license and maintenance costs that are not reflective of where the future cost will lead to.

You may be surprised to find out how cost effective and efficient outsourcing your custom development software project is, not to mention this also becomes part of your intellectual property (IP) which also adds value to your balance sheet and keeps you ahead of your competitors.

There are also various outsourcing models to consider from remote project specific teams, team augmentation and all the way up to full digital factory that caters for a more permanent outsourced service delivery model.

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