Selecting the Ideal Software Outsourcing Partner

software engineer

If you’re searching for an experienced and proactive software development partner to help you solve your most complex technology and hiring challenges, then look no further.  Here are some guiding parameters to help in your assessment.

Many businesses worldwide depend on software outsourcing firms to access expert software engineers with diverse technical skills as they adopt micro-services and cloud computing perhaps when moving away from their legacy monoliths or developing new business applications.

Software engineers will continue to be in demand worldwide, whether they are in-house or outsourced in a fixed or on-demand model.

If you’re considering outsourcing or augmenting your software development division, then here are some great pointers to consider.

First here are some flavours to consider; on-shore, near-shore or off-shore, they are all based on the same principle of outsourcing but the distance between you and the outsourcing location is the main difference.

Then there is the model of outsourcing; project based (fixed or variable) contracts are a model that focuses on a specific deliverable which may have a start and end targets whether that is a date or deliverable points. Then there is team augmentation and remote teams, where the main difference is one is an extension of an existing team whilst the other is cross-functional and/or cross-departmental resources.

  1. There should be clear and distinct benefits when engaging with an outsourcing partner;
  2. Must demonstrate clear cost advantage (cheaper is not better, therefore clear cost advantage covering many aspects of software delivery need to be considered beyond the cost per resource. Also don’t leave costs ambiguous, its critical for it to be clear right from the outset)
  3. Must demonstrate availability or access to capable talent
  4. Communication maturity (project level, account management level, linguistic clarity, client business understanding)
  5. Must demonstrate simplification of operations (removing the responsibility of training, career path, salary increments, reduce inflationary volatility)

All the above should demonstrate a clear return-on-investment with the selected outsourcing partner.

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