The Hidden Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing


In the age of digital transformation, IT is one of the key elements that can make or break a business. As technology advances and evolves, companies are expected to keep up with current trends and regulations in order to remain competitive and keep their customers satisfied. In addition to digitization and cyber security, there are numerous other factors that create an environment of heightened demands for IT departments.

For this reason, it is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to manage all their IT needs without help from outside sources. To stay flexible and secure while handling their IT demands, many businesses turn to software outsourcing services offered by Smartlogiq.

The X as a Service (XaaS) drive, offers numerous advantages over traditional methods, such as cost-efficiency, scalability and rapid deployment. This applies to services such as server hosting as well as access to talented technologists as a service (TaaS).  It enables companies to outsource specific parts of their IT operations to external experts who specialize in those areas. This allows them to free up resources within the organization, allowing them to focus on core their competencies.

Not only does managed software development outsourcing provide businesses with better value for money but it also offers more flexibility when it comes to scaling up or down depending on changing business needs or markets.

Moreover, through Smartlogiq’s agility and scalability, we assist our clients in reducing their time-to-market significantly which helps companies take advantage of market opportunities faster than ever before.

Managed software development outsourcing provides businesses with access to industry-specific expertise which can be hard to find in-house due to lack of resources or internal knowledge gaps.

Maximum of Flexibility with Software Development Outsourcing

In order to ensure a successful financial outcome for your business during these trying times, an optimal strategy for software development sourcing is of paramount importance. By utilizing the latest technologies (without investing in licensing and training costs) and well equipped talent, you can ensure your IT costs are more flexible and cost efficient, allowing your business to remain competitive in the market.

This can be achieved through “Opex” (operating expenses) rather than “Capex” (capital expenditure), meaning that you only pay for the resources you actively use and don’t have to make large upfront investments or long term employment commitments or us short term expensive contractors.

Opex models also provide additional scalability, which allows businesses to adapt their IT needs as they grow or scale back when necessary. Such strategies can also help reduce unforeseen overhead expenses while improving operational efficiency and cost effectiveness at the same time.

Maximize your return on investment (ROI), make your IT costs more flexible and reduce unnecessary capital expenditure (Capex) by employing effective software development sourcing strategy.

Businesses can choose between outsourcing or establishing/scaling their own in-house teams. Outsourcing allows companies to gain access to skillsets not otherwise available locally or at a cost much lower than the local market while ensuring scalability and flexibility of services. In contrast, setting up an in-house team “may provide a perception of” reasonable long-term cost savings, however a software outsourcing partner such as Smartlogiq can always demonstrate the cost and feature benefits of their service outweigh investments in in-house software development teams.

At Smartlogiq we understand the importance of ensuring visibility and transparency of all aspects involved in the process such as budgeting, project management, technology selection and resource allocation. As such, implementing an effective software development sourcing strategy with us we will provide all the planning and monitoring related to our engagement execution in order to ensure maximum success from both financial and operational perspectives.

Software Outsourcing Aligned Capabilities

A simple but not obvious example is carve-out scenarios in which parts of a company are sold and spun off. In such a case, the spun-off company must implement the new a business model, generally with extreme time pressures from the declared goal. The situation becomes complex in splitting in-house resources, covering new contracts and potential legal liabilities in transfers of staff. This is where software outsourcing with Smartlogiq makes the transition (and scale up or down) much most simpler as there is a clear line of segregation and all associated activities of carve-outs are easily mitigated by simple contractual duplication and capacity planning, whilst securing the underlining company’s IP.


Technology, people and processes are state of the art disciplines. Getting the balance right is essential and directly impacts your companies bottom line and essentially your profitability. At Smartlogiq we take away the stresses relating to operating software development capabilities whilst letting you concentrate on the business requirements that are placed on your company.

As a Leading Digital Transformation Partner, we are not only a reliable software development outsourcing service provider for our customers, but rather a holistic business partner for private and public sector companies.

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