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Industries & Verticals

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Market vertical expertise helps us deliver outstanding solutions. Our teams are led by team leaders with market context career knowledge.

We provide a high standard of software development services for our global clients spanning a wide range of industries with blended rates that are commercially viable and extremely competitive.

A clear production grade software development strategy, the definition of Governance structures, process focus and dedicated execution models
Process harmonization (our and our client processes – and data integrity risk assessments)
Vertical integration expertise: ERP, Track & Trace / serialization solutions, evolving apps (gap closure)
Horizontal integration to systems: Supply chains, Laboratory Information and Management Systems (LIMS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), Document Management Systems (DMS), Quality Management Systems (QMS), Financial Transaction Systems (core banking, payment processors)
Business intelligence and data analytics: Understand, improve and visualize your business environment by the help of digitized and contextualized data