We’ve Done Our Homework!

Our market vertical expertise helps us deliver outstanding solutions. Our teams are led by team leaders with market context career knowledge.

A clear production grade software development strategy, the definition of Governance structures, process focus and dedicated execution models

Governance structures, process focused and dedicated execution models

Process harmonization (ours and our client’s processes – and data integrity risk assessments) are part of the journey we do

Vertical integration expertise: ERP, Track & Trace / serialization solutions, evolving apps (gap closure)

Horizontal integration to systems: Supply chains, Laboratory Information and Management Systems (LIMS) and Financial Transaction Systems (core banking, payment processors) to name a few

Business intelligence and data analytics: Understand, improve and visualize your business environment by the help of digitized and contextualized data, then enrich it and prepare it to train



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Industry-Based Tech Expertise.

We address both the tech and business challenges of the most advanced and data-intensive industries. Tech is only a “means to an end” and we work closely with your leadership to deliver a meaningful and impactful solution.

Multi-Industry Track Record

Our people come from different industries and have delivered to various sectors.

Extensive talent pool

Diverse tech experts – including developers, data scientists, DevOps engineers who are ready to deliver projects of any scope and complexity.

Links with Academia

In addition to experienced hires, we are closely linked at grass roots to universities in the countries we operate in to get the best highly educated talent with sector experience.

Creating better outcomes

Our strategic services are designed for those looking to redefine their approach using technology to benefit their business with real impact.

Start journey with us
  • We are a technology consultancy with specialisation in Digital Transformation & Data Science. At Smartlogiq we are focused on delivering results for our clients because we keep our expertise fixated on the domains and industries we know thoroughly well.
  • We provide a high standard of software development services for our global clients spanning a wide range of industries with blended rates that are commercially viable and extremely competitive.
  • Our software engineers and fractional leaders have gained commercial experience delivering solutions in real-world context and they contribute this experience back to our clients.