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Fintech Innovation & Acceleration

We have the experience, knowledge, and technical know-how to deliver your innovative digital fintech product that will exceed your expectations. We empower Fintechs, Banks & embedded finance Businesses with custom financial services software solutions.

We donโ€™t just build. We co-create fintech products and services. Our teams have worked in retail and corporate banking and understand your goals and aspirations for customize products that are secure, scalable and aligned to your business objectives and have a clear beneficial end-user purpose.


Streamline bank account opening, customer onboarding & regulatory compliance with our bespoke solutions. Accelerate time-to-market with seamless and frictionless user experience with optimal designs and API partners.


Weโ€™ll develop a flexible card issuance stack to help release branded physical and virtual cards. Full cycle with management dashboards and workflows and tight integration through the core issuer APIs.


Real-time insights into payments and fund movements providing meaningful and actionable intelligence to operate your business effectively and understand your user's behaviour helping you to constantly improve and evolved your products


Go beyond account visibility and develop solutions that make your PFM the key differentiating factor for customer loyalty through your mobile digital assets.


We help you reduce credit risk through the development of software solutions that extend credit with the appropriate real-time checks and risk assessments. We can extend your services through other product sets such as Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL).


The rapid growth of fintech across banking and businesses is driving regulatory expansion requiring constant submissions and rule compliance. Let us develop the solutions to automate your manual regulatory processes.


Discover our broad banking knowledge and intelligent digital fintech custom software solutions that will help your business transform and enhance its competitive edge. Connect with us as we are eager to help you deliver your digital fintech roadmap.

Our Fintech Innovation Blog

Trade Finance, Digitization & Supply Chains – Where Next?

Trade Finance, Digitization & Supply Chains – Where Next?

The emergence of Fintech has created an entirely new landscape that has digitally revolutionised and disrupted legacy processes across the financial services industry.ย  Utilizing cutting-edge technology and pioneering new digitization approaches has benefitted all sectors and will be critical in the development of digital trade finance and supply chains. Fintech has profoundly impacted financial institutionsโ€™ [...]

To Rate or Not To Rate – Reloaded!

The contentious debate on rating models, where the industry is going and the direction where the regulators are taking risk measurement are either diverging or running in parallel or going to collide. As you can tell, rating is something we find very interesting and we immerse ourselves in it, and develop models for clients, models […]

Changing Rating Models – What to consider

Changing Rating Models – What to consider

When changing a rating system, there are so many attributes and downstream impact you have to think about and plan way ahead. Change of a rating system could be a complete move from one vendor to another, it could also be a revision upgrade or changes in factors or regulator driven directive that impacts how […]

To Rate or Not To Rate, the question is just by how much!

To Rate or Not To Rate, the question is just by how much!

Whether you use a rating model or you are considering a rating model for your financial services businesses, one vendor, a perceived market leader, claims that you will struggle with the competitor output (model) and will be difficult to get regulator approval as their models are far superior. You’ve heard it all before, one vendor […]