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Startup Innovation


World-class, Agile teams for Early-Stage Startups

Innovation & fintech are in our DNA, we've done it for ourselves and our start-up clients. Let us support you to deliver market disrupting solutions.

Developing a new idea, concept or a service is risky, however you and your company have decided that the investment is justifiable and the potential for a new revenue stream or disputing and leading a market segment is huge.

This is were we come in, with our optimized Minimal Viable Product (MBP) framework, we’ll work closely with you from idea creation to development, test and delivery of an MVP within 4-6 weeks so you can begin market testing.

We provide a high standard of software development services for our clients spanning a wide range of industries (fintech and digital startups) with blended rates that are commercially viable and extremely competitive.

By outsourcing your MVP initiative to Smartlogiq, you can rest assured that the project gets the focus it deserves and wont be impacted by resource constraints and other “business-as-usual” distractions whilst keeping to tight budgets.


With over 10 commercial years under our belt and over 200 years of hands-on technology leadership and delivery across the team, we bringing the perfect combination of innovation and experience to your startup’s needs. You can rely on us for tried-and-true solutions as well as cutting edge technologies. We don’t rest on yesterday, every day is an opportunity to explore something new! We might be an established business but we are still are a startup at heart, we think outside the box, We shun away from bureaucracy and adopted agility across everything we do.

We’re constantly pushing ourselves to stay ahead by exploring new technologies, testing solutions, and sharpening our skill sets. We set ourselves apart by being accountable and adapting our delivery to suit your aspirations. Rest assured that when you work with us – we’ve got both innovation and experience in our back pocket!

Our team of experienced and highly-skilled specialists will help you turn your vision into a reality. Our combination of specialized skills, experience, and pragmatic approach can quickly get an MVP running for any technology-related venture. We’ll take it from the start: capture requirements, wireframing/mock-up designs to ensure everything looks perfect – then develop in agile sprints & test until launch!



We will work with your existing teams to help create scale to support your feature or timeline ambitions and accelerate them to align with your commercial market aspirations. Scalability is not just about boots on the ground. We will extend your team, blend in as 1-team and bring in acute skills needed to ensure solution architecture is right and to breakdown success blockers.


Unforeseen situations can arise on your startup journey. Development progress is not as linear as project plans assume. We will work hand-in-hand with your team and not shy away from existing projects no matter what shape they are in. We thrive in challenging times where we can step in and get your plans back on track. We will quickly devise plans to secure your code and data, collate all artifacts to restart your builds, identify gaps and start delivering on objectives.


Your success is our success, that is why we are so focused on delivery success. We work with new businesses on a non-traditional payment models because we understand the “cost to value” model. Our payment terms are stagged on delivery milestones, performance based “time to cost” ratio, faster deliveries are reflected in the cost. Fixed price approach gives piece of mind and clarity to the relationship. We also consider becoming a part in your journey if there is an equity consideration.


  1. NDA Exchange
  2. Strategy Review
  3. Solution Discovery Workshop
  4. Commercial Proposal
  5. Contract Execution
  1. UX Research
  2. UI/UI Design
  3. Mockups
  4. Business Logic
  1. Engage High Performance Team
  2. Develop Sprints
  3. Setup DevOps
  4. Deliver Testable Components
  5. QA Test Loops
  1. Client deliver UAT Tests
  2. Client Engagements
  3. Feedback Loops
  4. MVP Target Delivery
  5. Maintenance & Support

Working with us is just like having your own team, following strong SDLC processes, working closely with your business and product teams.  We are as engaged as your own teams and more so also sharing the risks associated with your venture.

Book a call with one of our experts and let us help you turn your start-up aspirations into a commercial success...

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