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Enterprise Software Development

We design. We code. We test. We deliver.

We are a software development company with an extraordinary pool of talented technology “change-makers“ across 3 continents. We build smart, deep-tech and intuitive digital products and solutions for our clients by our highly collaborative teams of design, development and strategy experts.  We can build it – whether it’s a unique Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application or API-first approach empowering your business to offer a smart multi-channel platform to power web, mobile, PC native, and machine-to-machine interfaces.

By providing multiple time-zone teams and different formats of working (onsite, remote, hybrid, etc.), we help organizations across the globe to gain sustainable competitive advantage through the adoption of innovative technologies.

Custom software development

We offer full-stack development services, using our front-end and back-end expertise to deliver an integrated custom solutions solving your business and digital challenges. You have a bold concept but it’s hard to implement, our team’s outstanding skills and innovative thinking will deliver outstanding results.


Transform and modernize your core legacy application, whether is from Struts to Spring Boot or from a monolith to microservices, our Solutions Architects and Developers have delivered complex modernized services.


Boost your business growth with our exceptional data science team that specializes in accelerating operations through the use of AI-based algorithms, machine learning, and deep learning techniques. Our experts enable you to make informed decisions, gain valuable insights from big data, and automate critical processes, all while predicting future trends through real-time statistical models. Our PhD-led data science team is committed to delivering the highest quality solutions that enable you to achieve your business goals and stay ahead of the competition.


Experience a unique advantage over your competitors by taking your digital work into the real world. Enhance your business objectives with our custom AR solutions! We focus on developing AR solutions that align with your business goals. Our customized augmented reality solutions help drive business growth, elevate brand awareness, and increase brand loyalty. Our Rapid Prototyping services for mobile phones and AR headsets enable businesses to test their AR ideas and ensure they are on the right track.


We deliver superb mobile experience with passion that will get your audience to take action and engage. The right balance of graphics, imagery, user experience (UX) and optimized user journey coupled with behind the scenes optimized coding is the right combination for success.

Software Project Rescue

Sometimes projects don’t go as planned, and you require a team that conducts short term triage whilst formulating a long term strategy to get you back on course. Smartlogiq brings together an agile team of highly experienced solution architects, software engineers, business analysts, and QA engineers to breathe new life into your initiative and enhance the value of your project by focusing on the architecture overview, code review, salvaging and rescuing usable parts, refactoring and solution reengineering.

Software Quality Assurance

Our QA squad provide software quality assurance (SQA) services that improve the quality and reliability of your software products, whether developed by us or one of your partner. We offer the full range of SQA services complementing your SDLC process, including requirements management, test case generation, planning and execution, stress and load simulation, defect tracking, and reporting.

We will exceed your expectations with our experience, knowledge, and technical know-how in delivering digital innovation that takes your business to the next level. We bring tangible value to your next software engineering project. Let's discuss the opportunity...

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