Application Modernization

Legacy code hampers innovations, increases risk and technical debt. Stay ahead of the game by modernizing obsolete systems.

You have a great application which has been serving your business well. However it’s legacy and a monolith, making it difficult to extend its features or align with the constantly shifting business demand.

Legacy applications have challenges ranging from slow performance, poor user experience and spiralling costs. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Outdated systems can limit your digital capabilities and pace of innovation, stalling business growth and making it difficult to compete.

We feel the same pain you’re going through. We’ve all gone through it across many industries and environments.

As a technology leader you have to balance your multiple challenges and modernizing your application sometimes takes a back seat. Yet you know it is critical to modernize it to take your business to the next level and aggressively compete in your domain.

Assuming your commercial reasoning and RoI are justifiable, take a technological leap to modernize. Application modernization is a key part of your digital transformation journey.

We are your partners in strategy and execution of your modernization vision supported by our best-in-class application modernisation development team.


We go into every engagement with our eyes wide open. “Listening” is the key function of this stage. Listening to your pains and aspirations. We will engage in idea sharing based on the deep knowledge our teams have in exactly the same challenge you are currently facing.

Our investment in your modernization journey is in deep dive collaborative workshops. Our expert team will work closely with your talented team to understand the application. The objective is to walk away with a clear idea of your direction and understanding the complexity of the challenge.

We will translate your vision into a translatable future state. We will share our approach to your ultimate value proposition. A step by step execution plan covering effort, timescale and cost model will be shared. We will deliver a detailed proposal outlining the road map, technical resolution of the challenge, measurable business impact, execution plan and cost model for mutual agreement.


We will work with you to understand the “before” and “after” of the existing application and business model, from a business and technology aspects. We have to understand the purpose and the aspired resultant impact. Improvements across operational efficiency, rapid client value delivery, enable modern agile processes via solution re-engineering.

We will start to componentize your existing solution, deliver a technical solution architecture, start refactoring the legacy components eliminating technical debt, vendor lock-in, and performance bottlenecks with scalability in mind.

We will start to migrate self-sufficient modernized components onto your cloud services using agility across both teams (yours and ours) and ensuring scalability & resilience.

Modernization is a complex business systems challenge. It requires a comprehensive strategy to be developed that takes into account many complex and inter-related factors.

We will help you develop a well thought-out plan to deliver a successful modernized microservices based application. Working with an experienced agile team who are familiar with the complexities of monolithic to microservices development migration is the difference between success and failure.

We will create a squad consisting of your team and ours. Our teams will possess the right mix of technology skills and excellent communication, planning and change management.


A step by step approach to modernizing a legacy application and making it relevant to your business



Modernizing legacy apps and transforming them into modern cloud-native applications requires a clear understanding of the system’s components and its interdependencies. Solution architecture is the most critical stage of any modernization project as it helps identify potential issues before they occur and reducing development time and costs



Coding patterns play a critical role in the development of cloud-native applications. They are sets of guidelines and best practices for writing clean, efficient, and maintainable code suitable for microservices architecture and containerization. Coding patterns make it easier for developers to collaborate and work on the same codebase leading to faster development times, fewer bugs, reliable and scalable application



Cloud-native applications are designed to be modular, distributed, and scalable. Modernizing an application will depend on integration fabric to connect internal and external service providers and consumers seamlessly enriching the application’s purpose. Integration design of how services are accessed is critical and include authentication, message transformation, throttling, logging and security



A frictionless design language helps create a positive digital experience for your users. Delivering a seamless and intuitive UX & CX is part of achieving a modernized application that guides your users to the desired actions in minimal effort. We will help you with the design principles to reduce barriers and distractions in the user journey.



Modernizing apps need to go beyond the codebase. Enriching an app with additional data points such as business metadata, geolocation and social media signals enhances the purpose of the application. The users will gain deeper insights into relevant behaviour, preferences and trends. The result must offer accurate data analysis providing a competitive advantage.



Designing the appropriate infrastructure for cloud native applications is key to long term success. The infrastructure design needs to be scaled vertically and horizontally to cope with performance peaks and troughs. An unmodernized application cannot take advantage of modern infrastructure services. Modernized applications benefit from process automation via CI/CD significantly cutting deployment and maintenance costs



Application modernization must have security principles at its core. Design segregation and embedding security protocols with trust verification is critical to mitigate or contain the breach surface. Developed correctly with DevSecOps as part of the team will ensure security is handled consistently with constant monitoring of end points



Application performance observability at business process level is fundamental to ensuring consistent user experience. This is difficult to achieve in legacy monolithic apps. A modernized application with business performance visibility as part of the design pattern will help you integrate with your enterprise monitoring tools to identify and resolve issues in real-time before they impact customers.

With years of experience leading projects for great clients, we’ve gained valuable knowledge that we’re constantly enriching and sharing. This has enabled us to provide industry-leading services with trailblazing insights that push software design boundaries long into the future!

Solving your application modernization challenges for you.

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