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Augment your team with our Data Scientists & AI Engineers

Rapidly adopt artificial intelligence (AI) to drive business growth

We help you by getting faster and deeper insights from your data with simplicity, optimized efficiency, reduced complexity and supporting explainability.

Data science & AI are complex skillsets to build. Delivering promised value from Data Science and AI projects is even harder. Our Data Scientists and AI engineers will remove those challenges and reduce the risks associated with your projects.

Big data, analytics, AI and ML are complex. Not necessarily economically viable for small or medium-sized organizations, and a significant people investment for larger organization.

Maintaining, sustain and scaling whilst managing your core business and the ever-growing demand for innovations is a challenge.

This is where Smartlogiq provides access to experienced and constantly trained experts at a reasonable investment and gain access to numerous advanced and cutting-edge technologies they cannot otherwise afford or have the time to invest in R&D.


Data Science & AI Adoption Challenges

A common misstep among businesses embarking on AI initiatives is adopting a “technology-driven” or “data-driven” approach, which can result in failures related to both organizational and technological factors. The primary causes of AI adoption failures are often:

  • 01 Insufficient comprehension of the complexities of the business
  • 02 Failure to align AI strategy with the broader corporate strategy
  • 03 Subpar AI planning that leads to shifting requirements and escalating costs
  • 04 Failure to address the correct problem, resulting in misalignment or a lack of product-market fit
  • 05 Inadequate AI expertise within the business
  • 06 Lack of investment in tools and processing capacity

Whether itโ€™s building analytics with dashboards or predictive analysis to monitor your churn rates or developing vision analysis and recognition, weโ€™ve got you covered. Our teams have all the resources at their fingertips including onsite GPU compute clusters to experiment and train their models.

An expert autonomous team fully integrated with your team, rapidly and efficiently delivering data science, ML and AI technology solutions and value.

Outsourcing data science is the future because it’s the only way to use the latest technologies in the most reliable and efficient manner.

Our offshore businesses models fill your talent or technology gaps with lower risk and operational costs.

Healthcare Solutions

Engaged in a wide range of use cases, including clinical analytics, early medical diagnosis, patient outcomes measurement, clinical decision support systems and remote patient monitoring. Our innovative have helped medical professionals make informed decisions that lead to better patient outcomes, all while streamlining operational costs and improving the overall patient experience.

Banking & FinTech Solutions

Using AI for deterministic fraud detection systems and financial risk management. Building sales forecasting systems and early market sentiment analysis assisting corporate clients better understand where their next source of revenue could come from and understanding decision making behaviour. Using statistical learning models for Actuarial support.

Public sector Solutions

Aggregating siloed data sources and using various data points to harvest intelligence assisting public sector clients to design better policies, make better decisions, enhance relationships with citizens, and improve the quality of services. Understanding what policies work or not as early as possible is key to improving the speed and quality of public services.

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