What is it and why it is the right target operating model for your business to consistently succeed.

Welcome to our exciting Digital Factory, where innovation and collaboration thrive!

Transitioning into the world of digital transformation, a digital factory is the ideal model for digital business transformation. A digital factory is a replica of a “manufacturing production line” but for digital business transformation and software development. Within this innovative framework, a Digital Factory is an organizational model for enabling, creating and maintaining one or more digital products, services, or experiences.

Our Digital Factory is a powerhouse of creativity, bringing together a dynamic, cross-functional team that tackles every step of the digital product creation journey. From analysing business opportunities to crafting epic user stories, managing backlogs, developing cutting-edge applications, conducting rigorous testing, smooth deployment, and seamless ongoing operations – we’ve got it all covered!

What sets us apart is our dedicated and visionary technologists and transformation experts. We work hand-in-hand with your business leaders who lead the charge and inspire our team to achieve greatness together. We are a unified force, all aligned with the same ambitious goals, driving us towards success.

Our Digital Factory can be setup for a specific or general purpose.  Specific purposes include but not limited to large-scale digitization across an enterprise, convergence of IT and operations technology systems or modernizing of legacy solutions.  General purposes example is for a new complex product that has many features and releases.

Our Digital Factory model

  1. Improved quality of planning and economic efficacy
  2. Shorter go-to market time
  3. Clear communication
  4. Uniform planning standards
  5. Capability knowledge management

Introducing our one-of-a-kind Digital Factory service model: Guide, Equip and Build (GED). It’s a true game-changer in the industry! With this approach, we go above and beyond to provide unparalleled insight and support for a vast array of digital challenges. But that’s not all – we also focus on empowering our clients’ teams by upskilling them along the way. Together, we’ll conquer obstacles and achieve remarkable success in the digital landscape!



Increased agility, new technology solutions, and cross-functional teams to develop and push out new digital capabilities swiftly.

We develop and host digital factories for our clients where their leadership team are able to overcome digital challenges and develop a competitive advantage.

Leadership focuses on what matters the most for their business whilst the Digital Factory designs business processes, builds code, tests and deploys strategically important solutions.


Together we can close the digital skills gap to accelerate your digital ambitions.  Your team leader will immerse themselves with the business objectives, working closely with our transformation and digital delivery team.  They are their squad of dedicated solution specialists.

We can support you on everything digital from short and focused strategic planning to end-to-end digital transformation, whilst your business leaders focus on the overall strategy.



Skills – Expertise – Capabilities on Demand – Shorter Communication Channels – Impact & Results Focused – Organizationally Ready TOM

Despite the significant resources invested into transformation efforts, many enterprises face a common challenge – they don’t always reap the full array of benefits they had originally envisioned.

But fret not! Transformation hurdles can be overcome with the right approach and a dash of enthusiasm.

Picture this: IT skill mismatches and shortages, cultural resistance to change, or even the fear of change can sometimes slow things down. But every challenge is an opportunity in disguise!

And that’s where the magic happens – enter Smartlogiq Digital Factories! Our game-changers step in to break down organizational silos and bridge the gap between business driving teams and digital production teams. The result? A powerful synergy that propels a successful transformations forward which is measurable!

The Analysis & Outcome.

We’ve created a cutting-edge digital production facility model where all data and processes are seamlessly unified. This integration allows every contributor, regardless of their discipline, to collaborate effortlessly at every stage of the factory’s lifecycle. It’s a truly interconnected and collaborative environment, fostering innovation and efficiency like never before!

Raise the collaboration bar

A whole new realm of efficiency, adaptability and innovation as we seamlessly connect workflows across various disciplines breaking traditional barriers into a dynamic environment.

Bring value to the table

Digital Factories extended services include project management support, building design data and operational assistance, all working together to elevate your value to be truly exceptional.

Mitigate expensive mistakes

Visualize building block systems alongside industrial scale software development prior to deployment, ensuring early detection of any issues to prevent wasteful rework.


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Bring quantifiable value today to your business

With Smartlogiq Digital Factories by our side, there’s no limit to what we can achieve in your journey of transformation and growth. So let’s get ready to unlock a world of possibilities and take your enterprise to new heights!