We design. We code. We test. We deliver.

We are a software development company with an extraordinary pool of talented technology “change-makers“ across 3 continents. We build smart, deep-tech and intuitive digital products and solutions for our clients by our highly collaborative teams of design, development and strategy experts. We help organizations across the globe to gain sustainable competitive advantage through the adoption of innovative technologies.


We are dedicated to being your chosen trusted partner.

We work with you to make sure you choose the right engagement model that fits your internal structure, business requirements and long-term goals.

  • We offer a 4-week trial period on any of our engagements
  • 6 months warranty period for our code


Flexible extension to your team. Your software needs to be scalable, so why cant your team also be scalable? Our staff augmentation model helps you seize exciting business and product development opportunities. The augmented team is part of your overall software engineering cluster, tightly integrated and follows your flavour of agile development processes.


A whole new set of rules increasing agility, consistent technology solutions and cross-functional teams to develop and push out new digital capabilities swiftly. We develop and host digital factories for our clients where their leadership team are able to overcome digital challenges and develop a competitive advantage without out being held back.

Time HorizonPre-defined fixed term, generally short termOngoing (minimum 6 months contract)Ongoing (minimum 12 months contract)
ObjectiveDeliver specific requirement based on defined scopeDeliver specific skills which can be scaled up or downA fixed organization setup
Our ScopeSpecific defined project/product scopeTalent provision within headcount/skill requirementsFull operational team, scaled and aligned dynamically driven by demand
Client Management TeamNot RequiredInformedIntegrated & operational (generally limited to client product team generating the demand)
Client Tech TeamAdvisory RoleFrequentOptionally integrated & operational
Communication with Outsourced TeamDaily or on-demandReal timeReal time
Project/Task ManagementUsClientFactory operational model dependent
Team ManagementUsClient (limited to talent contract)Digital factory team
Product OwnershipClientClientDigital factory team
Project/Service RiskUsClientDigital factory team
Project/Service QualityUs w/Client dependencyClientDigital factory team
SLAUs w/Client dependencyUs (SLA limited to talent/skills availability)Between digital factory team and client (we’re limited to talent/skills availability)
Design decision makingJointClientDigital factory team
Resource AllocationUsClientDigital factory team
DevOpsClientOptionalDigital factory team
SummaryWe are seen as a vendor and the deliverable is a fixed fee fix time contractOur team is part of the Client’s teamThe factory is an independent organization with its own management structure & SLA serving the client

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