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Tools Of Our Trade

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Our Tools

We use industry standard tools like yours

We're engineers and at the heart of everything we do are digital tools that make it all possible. We leverage digital tools to their fullest potential to run our business and deliver for yours. Below is a glimpse of our go-to tools and the rationale behind their usage.

Slack for communication

Our favourite option for quick messaging, with channels and private groups to avoid information overload. We can use Microsoft Teams too if that’s better for you.

Jira and the Atlassian suite for collaboration

Jira is really robust for project management, and after using it for a long time, we know it inside out. We use Confluence for document management, alongside G-Suite apps, though happy to use alternatives like Asana, Trello or Microsoft Teams if they’re your choice.

Google Meet for calls

That’s how we like to chat, but happy to Zoom or jump on a Teams call too. What’s most important to us here is regular catch-ups – the more we talk the better we work together.

Bitbucket for code

It’s always stored in a Git repository, ideally hosted by Bitbucket, but just let us know if you’d prefer Github, your own Gitlab, or through Microsoft Teams. And of course, you can have access to the repository to track progress in real-time.

Bitrise for continuous integration and deployment

It’s all about automation. We want to deliver web, mobile and backend applications at the touch of a button and Bitrise is our go-to here, alongside Jenkins, CircleCi and Bitbucket pipelines. Microsoft DevOps too, if needed.

Figma for design

Our preference over Sketch, with Zeplin providing the pixel-perfect bridge between designers and software developers. Figma handles our prototyping and wireframing too, though Invision is great for fast turnaround presentations.

Team Augmentation

flexible extension to your team. Your software needs to be scalable, so why cant your team also be scalable? Our staff augmentation model helps you seize exciting business and product development opportunities. The augmented team is part of your overall software engineering cluster, tightly integrated and follows your flavour of agile development processes.

Digital Factory

A whole new set of rules, including increased agility, new technology solutions, and cross-functional teams to develop and push out new digital capabilities swiftly. We develop and host digital factories for our clients where their leadership team are able to overcome digital challenges and develop a competitive advance.

We will exceed your expectations with our experience, knowledge, and technical know-how in delivering digital innovation that takes your business to the next level. We bring tangible value to your next software engineering project. Let's discuss the opportunity...

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